• First Security Amphitheater Services: First Security Amphitheater little rock amphitheater River Market Amphitheatre The First Security Amphitheater, located at 400 President Clinton Ave, Little Rock, AR 72201, is one of Little Rock’s premier entertainment venues, hosting events by the top touring acts around the world, as well as the annual Riverfest and 4th of July special concert and local events. Situated on a 7-acre ground, with a total capacity of 8,375 and fixed seating of 1,375, the outdoor First Security Amphitheater is Little Rock’s premier venue for live music events from the world’s major touring artists. Social: https://www.facebook.com/Fans-of-First-Security-Amphitheater-201396670295978/ https://twitter.com/1securityamphit https://www.instagram.com/firstsecurity_amphitheater/ https://vimeo.com/littlerockamphitheater https://www.pinterest.com/firstsecurityamphitheater/ https://www.dailymotion.com/firstsecurityamphitheater https://www.flickr.com/photos/161675116@N03 Website: http://firstsecurityamphitheater.com/ Mail: marketing@puretonicmarketing.com Address First Security Amphitheater 400 President Clinton Avenue, Little Rock, Arkansas 72201, USA Contact number: (501) 375-2552
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